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Well let me start off by introducing you to my brother Jason Covarrubias, DJ Jason Cova, when it comes to their special engagements!

He's WORTH EVERY PENNY and then some!

I myself had my 30th Birthday Party in September 2013 and I booked him as early as January 2013 to make sure he had the availability. Thank goodness he did!

My Birthday Party was going to consist of an "Ever After" Medieval theme and all the music was going to be strictly 90's. When I had my meeting with DJ Jason he was very receptive to my ideas and accommodated to my every request, ESPECIALLY when I gave him the song list of songs I did NOT want played even if they were to be requested by my guests.

I usually dislike meeting with DJ's because they always destroy my vision of what I want for my parties. We flowed so great that I couldn't wait to see what he had up his sleeve for the night of the celebration.

My party was booked at the Sheraton Hotel in Old Town Pasadena, and let me say that it was the perfect venue to cater to those who wanted to celebrate along with me. The music was AMAZING ranging from The Cranberries, No Doubt to Destiny's Child and Backstreet Boys. 6 hours of nonstop dancing and fun and even when it came down to DJ Jason emceeing he was the right amount of fun and very eloquent!

I will forever remember my 30th celebration mainly because of how awesome the music was and what DJ Jason was able to provide for my 72 guests!

Here's to the next celebration, and guess who I'm booking once again???? That's right,


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