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Welcome Everyone!

Allow me to introduce myself,

my name is Erik "BLQ" Velasco and I am a Hairstylist & Make-Up Artist and

Blog Personality. 

"BLQ" is my name within the Entertainment and Salon industries, it tends to pave the way on it's own and as every year that goes by, new projects are underway and expansion is my ultimate goal! 

I've defined Busy Little Queen as:

"Someone who works for what they want, respects others, and has the VALUE of LIFE

The Salon world was a great start to my now going into 18 year career, and within those 18 years, I've had great opportunities of also working within the entertainment industry.

Of course when it comes to my own signature look,

I create masterpieces that can never be re-created for others to repeat and wear. I simply formulate specifically for the image of my client's desire, and no one else's. 

My Services Include:

  • Haircuts and Styles for Men, Women and Children
  • Hair Color & Color Corrections
  • 6 Methods of Hair Extensions
  • Airbrush and Natural Make-Up for All occasions
  • The occasional Therapy Session

 Being in 2 salon locations, working with the Studios, Blogging and being a Freelance Hairstylist for Photo shoots and Recording Artists really allows for the opportunity of giving it EVERYTHING I've got in me to know my job is done at the end of the day.

   If you're in the neighborhood, come and visit, I would love to transform and give you the "NEW" you!!

Feel free to visit the following websites where my work is featured

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