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Brazilian Keratin Treatment (BKT)

This hair treatment is one treatment that is the most amazing service that any 'BIG-Haired" woman and/or man could ever have hoped for!

I am certified in the Diora 'Keratherapy' Treatment, which is what I've used on the clients that you see, and here are the following questions and answers that are asked on a daily basis:

What does this treatment do exactly?

-It is a Keratin Protein Treatment that penetrates thru the cuticle of the hair, Keratin is applied to the shaft, blow dried and flat ironed in the hair shaft and allows the hair to be Frizz Free, the only heat treatment that you really need is a blow dryer, nothing can use a flat iron for an extra sleek look, but that is completely optional. 

Can I have color treated hair or virgin natural hair to do this?

-You can have color treated hair or virgin hair, although the treatment will adhere best if you have color treated hair, in which the treatment can be done right after your color service for BEST results.

How long does this treatment take to do?

-It usually takes anywhere from 1 1/2- 3 hrs. to complete, depending on the thickness and texture of hair.

Would I have to use a special shampoo and conditioner?

-Yes, once you have received this treatment, a Sulfate Free shampoo and conditioner will be available for purchase at the end of your service.

Are kids able to get this treatment done?

-Yes, ages 6 and up

Are kids able to get this treatment done?

-Yes, ages 6 and up

How long does this last and how often do I have to get it done?

-This treatment will last anywhere from 3-4 months, and you can get it done as often as every month.

What is the price range?

-$95-$250, if price is more, I will notify you before I start the service.

This is truly, a life saving treatment! Come and join in on the fun!

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Client Comments:

Jessica Ginnetti- Anyone ever wanted to try keratin treatment for their hair to relax/defrizz it? Shoot Erik Velasco a message. he is a hair magician. i have never been happy with my hair until i let him put his hands on it (: ♥

Chris Capelouto-It works awesome, its been months and my hair still looks so healthy and it is finally growing cause the frizz is gone and it isn't breaking off anymore. Thank u Erik!

Carol Mosso-I wanted to say my hair is great. You gave me a keratin treatment before I left Ca. I have been on a road trip for 20 days and I am now in Key West for a week. I have been in all types of weather, dry, cold, hot, humid. My hair has never changed its structure and has behaved in all these climates. 

Mindy Markowitz I must say this is amazing my hair was done with the treatment in Jan and still straight ! Everyone with frizz should have this done its a must !

Brenda Juckett Erik , I must say that it's amazing....I get more compliments and guys checking me out it's crazy...Never knew that straight oppose to semi curly would make a world of difference....I would highly recommend this to anyone with curly,frizzy hair....Erik you rock!!!!

Crystal Ludin Erik...I love you I love you I love you! My hair is amazing...nicole is seriously thinking about it now. Oh and I love you!

Oralia Duarte Ponce Wow! That is amazingly awesome!

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